Vice President of Sales (Leader)- SaaS / Startup / Industry Changing AI / HR Technology

Required Experience:
5+ years SaaS exp, leading a team

*This person can be located anywhere in the U.S.*

A fast-growing startup is hiring a VP of Sales to run, grow and lead the North America Sales team. They are pre-IPO with 75 employees, who just completed a substantial Series B, selling industry-changing AI, SaaS technology in the HR tech space. The press and buzz in the industry has resulted in them being inundated with leads, and they are poised for tremendous growth.  

In this role you will be a hands-on leader, taking a team that currently has 3 Enterprise Hunters on it, and growing both the team and the revenue by 2-3x. This team is hunting Fortune 500 & 100 organizations, calling on the CHRO and VP of Talent, selling a complex, industry-changing AI-powered technology. As a result, they currently have over 70 deals in the process (in the pipeline) with the majority of them being companies that have reached out to them. These organizations have at least 5k employees (with the majority being over 25k employees). This person will be creating the enterprise sales playbook, processes & quotas, with the end goal of growing the company to be around $40M+ in revenue in the next 3 years. 

To be considered you must have experience leading an enterprise sales team who is selling a complex HR Technology (SaaS) into organizations with at least 20k-50k employees. 

  • Has multiple clients with over 100k employees. 
  • Named as one of the top 100 AI organizations in 2018.
  • Featured in Fast Company, and Forbes. 

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Base salary $200k-225k, OTE $400k-450k.
  • Uncapped + accelerators. 
  • The employee is fully covered for health, dental, vision, and can add dependents. 
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Equity.  

Hardest part(s) of the job? 

This person will be key to putting the sales process in place and being able to get the enterprise value we anticipate. Helping reps drive things and moving deals through the sales cycle, through to closure, and building them up to truly large customers (through land and expand model). This is a new market, we are establishing a new category. We have a lot of interest in the market right now and are the leader, but our competitors/the market is changing on a daily basis. We need someone who can drive our growth in this dynamic market, so we can keep our lead. 

  • Must have at least 3 years leading a team in the SaaS, HR space, selling to the Enterprise level.
    • Enterprise meaning: employee counts of at least 20kee-50kee, + done this with deal sizes that are at least in the high six figures. (Not looking for 1-2 outliers, but a significant amount of each of these buckets).
    • They need to know how to hire sales enterprise sales reps, not just inherited a team.
    • Must have sold to the CHRO call point in the last 3 years.
  • Prefer experience working for a startup.
  • Prefer if they have experience with a land and expand model.
  • Prefer a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Prefer experience building out enterprise sales processes, playbooks & quotas.
  • Prefer that they have grown a team from 5M to 50M+.
  • Intangibles: Taking ownership. This person will need to be senior enough where they can lead the process with the customer. We need someone who can think strategically and help us formulate a lot of these things. Being able to work in a dynamic environment. It is a start up. Navigate cultures. Come in and roll up your sleeves. This is not someone who will sit on their throne and direct. We need someone who is hands on, and can build and scale. Self starter. 
Base Pay: $200,000 To: $225,000
Average 1st Year Commissions: $200,000+
Other Pay: Equity, uncapped plan, full benefits, unlimited PTO, etc.
Travel: yes