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Sales Talent is a 2x Best Company to Work For winner. We feel that our unique culture, passion and commitment to to our staff allows us to offer one of the best recruiter jobs in Seattle. Scroll below to learn more about what it’s like to work at Sales Talent.

Freedom and Flexibility

You’ll find that we offer a results-oriented environment where you have the freedom to work how, where and when you want as long as you’re hitting your goals. We’ve taken this approach to help offer what we think is the best recruiting job in Seattle.

“When I hire someone, I do so with the confidence that I can trust them to do their job. I believe that it’s my job to help them be successful, not look over their shoulder.”

– Chris Carlson, President


We offer a true six-figure opportunity. 2012-2017, all of our recruiters with more than 12 months of experience exceeded $125,000 in income. In addition, we offer a base salary, medical, dental, vision, and 401k with 3% match.

Perhaps more important than the income potential we offer is the opportunity to leave a mark. If you have a desire to help change the orbit of Sales Talent, you’ll fit right in.


Adjectives that describe our recruiting environment: empowered, fast-paced, constantly changing, difficult, never boring and fulfilling.

“I joined Sales Talent in 2005 and I haven’t looked back since! Working here has been incredibly rewarding. Being self motivated, I thrive in an environment where I’m trusted to pull through and have the opportunity to work on challenging search assignments.”

– Heather Baker


We are always looking to improve. This applies to our tools, processes, and best practices and extends to each recruiter’s base of sales and recruiting knowledge. Our most successful recruiters open the doors to new possibilities and write their own futures.

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One of the questions we ask ourselves during the interview process is “Will this person change the trajectory of our company?” We’re big enough that we have a plan, a vision, and a history of success, but small enough that our best days are ahead. We’re looking for individuals that want to help shape that future.

“What I enjoy about working at Sales Talent is how my responsibilities have increased as my capacity to handle more has grown. Because of this, I have been able to touch and influence virtually every aspect of our business.”

– Sarah Maizland


Sales Talent is a supportive environment where everyone on the recruiting team is determined to help their peers exceed their goals—even if sharing your secrets results in you finishing #2 that month. Don’t get us wrong: we hate to lose, and there’s no lack of competition in our halls. We just prefer to direct it towards the competitors outside of our company.


One of our founder’s philosophies is “if you aren’t having fun at work, it’s time to find a new profession.” Team contests, skipping work for opening day of baseball, and holiday celebrations with significant others are all a big part of our culture. Plus working with our clientele of sales professionals is never dull.

Positions at Sales Talent

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