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Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

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Sales Talent, 2017.

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Our clients are leaders in their industry.

Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

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Our Clients can expect 3-5 thoroughly interviewed and “on target” candidates in 2-3 weeks.

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We Target Recruit (Headhunt) Top Sales Performers

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Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

What Our Clients Have to Say…


(Click on Image to Watch 90 sec Video)


(Click on Image to Watch 90 sec Video)

  • Within a very short time, Sales Talent became the exclusive recruiting firm for Avangate solely based on their performance and ability to partner with us.

    — Chris Kystalowich, VP Global Customer Success, Avangate
  • Regional turnover during this time period was at 19.7% while Sales Talent’s candidates were at 6.25% over the same period.

    — Kevin Andres, Recruitment Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Sales Talent is second to none when it comes to finding (and hiring) the best the sales world has to offer.

    — John Pontin, Senior Vice President of Sales

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