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We headhunt Sales Reps, Sales Engineers and Sales Leaders in the US and Canada.

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Client Success Rates

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Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

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How We Source Talent

We Target Recruit (Headhunt) Top Sales Performers

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Clear and Consistent Expectations

We deliver 3-5 thoroughly interviewed and “on target” candidates for any US or Canadian metro in 2-3 weeks.

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Need a Sales Headhunting Firm That Can Help Build an Elite B2B Sales Team?

Sales Headhunters with a Unique Approach

Award Winning. Sales Talent is a 2020 clearlyrated Best of Staffing award-winner. Our client-centric approach delivered an NPS Score of +81.5% as measured by clearlyrated.

Better Talent. We target currently employed, passive top sales performers. Why does that matter? Top sales performers are rarely actively looking for a new position (they’re focused on crushing their sales quotas).

Client Focused. As part of our process, we spend more time up front with our clients to determine the exact backgrounds they need. Once established, we dedicate an average of 64 hours (2019 #) for every search to research, attract, interview and deliver candidates that match our clients’ requirements.

Better Results. By delivering the exact backgrounds our clients want, our success rate (% of searches that results in a hire) is superior. Traditional recruiting firms produce a 20% success rate. Our sales headhunting efforts achieved 60.1% in 2019.