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We Recruit Sales Reps, Sales Engineers and Sales Leaders in the US and Canada.

Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

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Sales Talent, 2019.

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Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

Clear and Consistent Expectations

We deliver 3-5 thoroughly interviewed and “on target” candidates for any US or Canadian metro in 2-3 weeks.

Need to Hire Better Sales Professionals?

What Our Clients Have to Say…


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(Click on Image to Watch 90 sec Video)

Here’s what our clients are saying.

  • Sales Talent is second to none when it comes to finding (and hiring) the best the sales world has to offer.

    — John Pontin, Chief Marketing Officer, Captive Resources
  • Regional turnover during this time period was at 19.7% while Sales Talent’s candidates were at 6.25% over the same period.

    — Kevin Andres, Recruitment Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Very thorough and focused team. All 5 hires are with us 18 months later.

    — Mark Becker, Vice President of Sales, Tissue Analytics
  • Sales Talent is the best sales recruiting firm in the US! Their proven process works. You end up with great candidates and a stronger internal search process as a by-product.

    — Tom Lipski, President, Accelerent
  • Within a very short time, Sales Talent became the exclusive recruiting firm for Avangate solely based on their performance and ability to partner with us.

    — Chris Kystalowich, VP Global Customer Success, Avangate

Need a Sales Staffing Firm That Can Help Build an Elite B2B Sales Team?

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Best Sales Talent

Our approach to sales staffing starts with an in-depth analysis of your sales hiring profile and what it takes for a sales hire to excel with your company. This emphasis on getting your hiring profile right is a big part of why our success rate is almost 3x higher than our competitors. We call the time invested in this process front-loading the pain. The alternative, starting a search without a crystal clear hiring profile often results in mis-hires or what we call backloading the pain.

The 2nd reason for our enviable success rate is our ability to headhunt a very large pipeline of passive top sales performers. In 2018, 89.1% of the sales hires we made were proactively headhunted. When you consider how rare it is to find a sales professional that Can Do the job, Will Do the job and Fits your company, it becomes obvious that a larger pipeline of talent increases your chances of a successful sales hire.

Best Client Fit

Our vetting process extends well beyond ensuring that each sales candidate possesses the talent and drive to be successful. A successful hire requires cultural, managerial and career goal alignment to ensure long-­term success. We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the interview process to help ensure that each sales hire is successful. The framework for our vetting process we call Can Do, Will Do and Fit which we explain in detail in our eBook on How to Hire Top Sales Performers. If a sales hire is less than optimal in any of these three domains the result is a mis­-hire. Our goal is simple. We develop long­-term partnerships earned through results to solve our clients’ national sales staffing needs.

Best Sales Staffing Processes

Founded in 1999, Sales Talent Inc. is a sales staffing agency with 20 years of experience. From a structured recruiting approach to clear client communication and deliverables; you’ll find that our team of sales recruiters are dedicated to delivering results. Should you hire Sales Talent, you can be confident that you have engaged the top sales recruiting firm in North America.