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“7 Things You Should Know About Hiring Top Sales Performers.”
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In most sales organizations, the top 25% of sales reps far outperform the bottom 75%. Even with so much at stake, most companies do not have a well-structured and proven interview process to select sales reps that fit the needs of their organization. Our 18 page eBook on how to hire sales reps is based on Sales Talent’s 23 years of sales recruiting experience exclusively placing B2B sales reps and sales leaders with SaaS, software, technology, industrial, manufacturing, and general b2b sales companies.

Most eBooks on the topic of sales hiring are filled with generic suggestions. We promise you’ll find specific and actionable insights into how to vet and ultimately hire a sales rep that performs. Specific topics covered are: how to build an objective interview process, key qualities of top salespeople and how to determine if a sales rep is a legitimate top sales performer.

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