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We Recruit Software Sales Reps, Customer Success Managers, Sales Engineers, and Sales Leaders in the US and Canada


Our award-winning SaaS sales recruiters will deliver 3-5 top-tier, thoroughly interviewed candidates that match your stage of growth in just over 2 weeks.

17.1 Days

On average, we delivered our hire in just over 2 weeks.

“Quality candidates… and FAST!”

Aaron Litzinger
Infoplus Commerce

Need to Hire High-Performing Software or SaaS Sales Professionals — Fast?

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Average Net Promoter Score (NPS)

2021 Sales Talent Inc NPS Score:

2021 = +100%

2020 Sales Talent Inc NPS Score:

2020 = +81.5%

Recruiting Industry Average:


Partner with Elite Software / SaaS Sales Recruiters

There’s nothing worse than getting
the wrong kind of candidates.

That’s why you need a reliable partner you can trust — someone who leans in, listens, and spends time getting to know exactly what your team needs. Then delivers the exact talent that your company needs to grow and thrive.


Clients that said Sales Talent provided them with access to superior candidates.

*clearlyrated 2020 Best Of Staffing Survey

How do we find you superior sales professionals?

  • We own the search for you by dedicating 3x the hours to find you top sales talent – Our award-winning recruiters put 60 hours on average into your search (compared to the industry average of 23 for other recruiters). We limit our workload so we can invest A LOT more time to target and attract high-performing candidates for you.
  • We headhunt top talent that other resources won’t – Almost 90% of our candidates are sourced from passive talent that’s currently employed, bringing you the best the market has to offer.
  • We operate as an extension of your company – Working with us means you’re not just hiring another recruiter — you’re getting an experienced partner who takes the extra time to understand your needs. You’ll feel like we’re a natural part of your team.

“It takes a special recruiter, and recruitment company, to understand the difference between A+ and B+ sales talent. Sales Talent Inc. is best in class.”

Amy Gould

Looking for a Software Sales Recruitment Company that understands your needs?

We Get Software. And Sales.

Looking for a software sales recruiting partner who understands the software and SaaS space? And your unique needs? We’ve helped high-growth software, SaaS, and AI companies like yours find and hire top sales professionals that align with the stage of growth they’re in.

“Never have I worked with a software recruiting firm
as thorough, meticulous, and precise as Sales Talent!”

Donna Geva, VP Customer Success

What could partnering with the wrong recruiting firm cost you?

Wasted Time?

High Turnover?

Mediocre Candidates?

Lost Revenue?

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Sales & Marketing Roles We Recruit For

Sales Professionals

  • SDR, BDR,
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Business Development
  • Channel Sales
  • Account Management
  • Sales Engineer

Sales Leadership

  • Sales Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Vice President of Sales
  • CRO
  • CSO

Customer Success

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Director of Customer Success
  • VP Customer Success


  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Demand Gen Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Director of Marketing
  • Vice President of Marketing Chief. Marketing Officer

Data-Driven, Scalable Software Sales Recruiting

We bring the same thoroughness and results to every search we accept whether you are hiring for a single, critical hire or rapidly expanding your salesforce. Our methodologies are based on data and utilize repeatable processes that reliably deliver results.

Searching for the Best SaaS Sales Recruiters?

Our Approach to Sales Management Recruitment

The single biggest difference between our approach to sales recruitment and other executive recruiters is the workload we take on. We dedicate an average of 64 hours (2019 #) for each search to research, headhunt, interview, and deliver sales and marketing talent that matches our clients’ exact requirements. This is nearly 3x the industry average of 23 hours that the typical software sales recruiter will spend on your search.

We are Sales Management Recruiters that Headhunt

The only way to consistently reach currently employed, passive top-performing sales executives is through headhunting (targeted recruiting). Why does that matter? A top CSO or Sales Manager is rarely actively looking for a new position (they’re focused on leading their team and crushing their sales quotas).


Average success rate in 2020


Ultimately, a great process doesn’t matter if it doesn’t produce results. By delivering the exact backgrounds our clients want, our success rate (% of searches that results in a hire) is superior. Traditional sales recruiting firms produce a 20% success rate vs our success rate of 61.9%. This focus on delivering for our clients helps explain our 2021 NPS Score of +100% and 2020 NPS Score of +81.5%.