Sales Talent Team 2018

About Sales Talent Inc.

Founded in May 1999, Sales Talent Inc. is an award-winning sales recruiting firm. We place sales reps, sales engineers and sales leaders with technology, SaaS, software, medical, B2B insurance, and general B2B companies. Period.

We have successfully searched in 98 of the top 100 U.S. metros and all of the top Canadian metros. For select clients, we have also successfully searched in Europe and Asia.

Our Team


Freedom and Flexibility

we trust in and empower our employees to work when and where they like. It takes a highly motivated and autonomous career professional to thrive in our environment. Our only non-negotiables are: achieving results, being ethical, keeping your word, and minimizing drama.


Deliver Value

to our clients, our candidates and our employees. We always strive to exceed the expectations of everyone we touch.


Transparency and Accuracy

in our approach, our communication and our interactions with clients and candidates. We believe that over-selling and/or not setting proper expectations is a sure path to failure.


Family First

although words like work ethic, determination and achievement are core to our team and our company, family comes first.


Dig Deep

often in the talent wars it takes a second (or third) effort to attract and land the most talented candidates. Our clients’ goals are in jeopardy unless we consistently deliver top performers that produce results and stick long-term.


Teamwork and Collaboration

our concept of teamwork extends beyond our team here at Sales Talent. It’s our mission to deliver superior results to our clients and that requires a collaborative and mutually beneficial approach. Our long-term success is directly related to our clients’ long-term success.



in today’s marketplace standing still is falling behind. We want to stay at the forefront of creating best practices and utilizing technology in sales force recruitment and selection.



the day-to-day victories and milestone achievements as a team.