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Sales Resume Optimization Course

For Sales Professionals. By Sales Recruiters.

Optimize your resume. Avoid the black hole.

We’ve all been there, spending countless hours applying for new positions. Attaching resume after resume with a growing suspicion that they’re being sent down an endless black hole. As it turns out, that’s precisely what is happening. So we solved the problem. The Sales Resume Optimization Course by Sales Talent will teach you the secrets needed to reach escape velocity, exit the submission process, and land the sales job of your dreams.

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What’s Included

Our DIY video program teaches you to create a professional resume optimized to stand out within any company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). When you purchase the DIY program, you’ll learn:

  • The essential sales resume basics
  • Formatting necessities to avoid being rejected by bots
  • How keywords can be used as your secret weapon
  • The key to impressing recruiters and hiring managers
  • Why showcasing accomplishments is so important

Bonus Content:

You’ll also receive a host of bonuses, including:

  • Tools to dramatically boost your resume’s effectiveness
  • An easy-to-follow master resume checklist
  • Extensive questions to help uncover skills and achievements
  • A guide to impactful resume bullet points
  • Plus, additional resources for creating an outstanding resume

What’s included with Recruiter Oversight?

If you want to take your resume to the next level, our Recruiter Oversight upgrade will ensure you stand out above the rest.

During your session, you will receive:

  • One-on-one resume coaching from one of our senior recruiters
  • The expert opinion of a seasoned professional who has read thousands of resumes
  • Targeted feedback and suggested changes based on your industry
  • Proofreading and mistake corrections
  • A polished finish to your resume that ensures it stands out with recruiters and hiring managers

99% of Fortune 500 Companies Use an ATS System

Let Us Make Your Resume ATS Ready

Choose a Course

DIY + Recruiter Oversight ($349)
DIY ($129)
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What types of sales roles do you optimize resumes for?

Any B2B or B2C sales roles such as:
  • SDRs
  • Account Executives (SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise)
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Business Development
  • Channel Sales
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Engineers
  • Sales Managers
  • Directors of Sales
  • VPs of Sales

What industries do you serve?

  • Technology (software, hardware, SaaS, AI/ML)
  • Medical, Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Consumer Product Goods
  • Digital Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate,
  • Fleet and eCommerce
  • Hospitality
  • Real Estate
  • Auto
  • Financial/Mortgage
  • Retail
  • Insurance

Why do you need to optimize your resume for ATS systems?

Most medium and large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems to manage the overwhelming number of resumes they receive. Their ATS system does more than just track applications; it looks for a match between your resume and the opportunity you are applying for. If you don’t optimize your resume for these systems, it won’t be seen by a human if it’s not ATS optimized.


Once purchased, the course is non-refundable. If you haven’t scheduled your Recruiter Oversights session, it may be eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Once you’ve scheduled your session, it’s no longer refundable. However, a one-time rescheduling option is available.

What’s the timeframe?

The DIY course is self-paced. You will have access to the course for 45 days after purchase. Recruiter oversight must be scheduled within 45 days of purchase. When you finish your resume, upload it, and a recruiter will be in touch to schedule a call within one business day.

What happens after I purchase this?

You’ll receive immediate access to The Sales Resume Optimization course portal. If you purchased Recruiter Oversight, you'll have the option to schedule your session whenever you're ready.

How long is the Recruiter Oversight session?

Forty-five minutes is all the time you’ll need to spend with our senior recruiter to optimize your resume.

If I just buy DIY, can I change my mind later and purchase Recruiter Oversight?

Yes, absolutely. Once inside the portal, you will see the option to purchase Recruiter Oversight and schedule a session at your convenience. Note that this will cost $199, so it's more cost effective to purchase the course and oversight together.
Amy Hudson
Account Executive
“I worked with Sales Talent to help me transform my resume and LinkedIn Profile. After following their advice, I immediately gained a significant amount of traction and had recruiters reaching out to me on a daily basis. Sales Talent is incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to stand out in a pool of applicants.”
Preston Rasmussen
National Account Executive
“My coach with Sales Talent was warm, friendly, and made me feel like I was her number one priority. She was able to give me solid, expert advice at every step. If you’re looking for help to find in your next career move, Sales Talent is a fantastic resource!”
Emmanuel Malicdem
Vice President
“My career coach’s positive attitude, honest feedback, and guidance throughout the process made what I perceived to be a daunting challenge into an real opportunity to advance my career.”
Alex Halstead
Senior Account Executive
“My coach with Sales Talent was tremendous. Her communication was top notch, and I really felt like I had someone in my corner. “
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