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We Recruit Software Sales Reps, Customer Success Managers, Sales Engineers and Sales Leaders in the US and Canada.

Need to Hire Better Software or SaaS Sales Professionals?

Client Success Rates

(% of Client Searches Resulting in a Hire)

Sales Talent, 2019.

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Need to Hire Better Software or SaaS Sales Professionals?

How We Recruit

We Headhunt Passive, Currently Employed Top Software Sales Performers

*2018 Candidate Sources shown below

Clear and Consistent Expectations

We deliver 3-5 thoroughly interviewed and “on target” candidates for any US or Canadian metro in 2-3 weeks.

Need to Hire Better Software or SaaS Sales Professionals?

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Here’s what our clients are saying.

  • Sales Talent is second to none when it comes to finding (and hiring) the best the sales world has to offer.

    — John Pontin, Chief Marketing Officer, Captive Resources
  • Regional turnover during this time period was at 19.7% while Sales Talent’s candidates were at 6.25% over the same period.

    — Kevin Andres, Recruitment Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Very thorough and focused team. All 5 hires are with us 18 months later.

    — Mark Becker, Vice President of Sales, Tissue Analytics
  • Sales Talent is the best sales recruiting firm in the US! Their proven process works. You end up with great candidates and a stronger internal search process as a by-product.

    — Tom Lipski, President, Accelerent
  • Within a very short time, Sales Talent became the exclusive recruiting firm for Avangate solely based on their performance and ability to partner with us.

    — Chris Kystalowich, VP Global Customer Success, Avangate

Need to Hire Elite Software or SaaS Sales Professionals?

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Software Sales Recruiters With a Unique Approach.

Sales Talent Inc is a boutique, national software sales recruiting firm that places sales reps, sales engineers (pre and post), customer success managers, and sales leaders. We take a targeted, data-driven approach to software sales headhunting that is unique in our industry.

Better Talent. We target passive, currently employed top software sales performers. Why does matter? Top sales performers are rarely actively looking for a new position (they are focused on crushing their quotas) and can only be reached by headhunting.

Client Focused. As part of our process, we spend more time up front with our clients to determine the exact backgrounds they need. Once that is established, we dedicate an average of 59.7 hours (2018 #) for every search to research, attract, interview and deliver candidates that match our clients’ requirements.

Better Results. By delivering the exact backgrounds our clients want, our success rate (% of searches that results in a hire) is superior. Traditional software sales recruiters achieve a 20% success rate. Our team of software sales headhunters achieved 53.9% in 2018. Whether you are seeking early career SaaS software sales professionals or experienced enterprise software sales professionals our process delivers consistent results.