Negotiating an Offer

One of the topics that we get a lot of interest in from candidates is negotiating the best possible offer.  Every company seems to have a different method determining base salaries which is why the guidance of a recruiter can be priceless.  Some companies give the same exact base salary to every sales candidate with the philosophy of allowing you to earn more income through your sales performance.  Our guess is that 25% of companies in the corporate sales realm operate this way.  For the other 75% let us give some pointers.

Most companies base their offer on three factors: amount of relevant experience, earnings history and how bad they want you.  In our view, the best way tonegotiate a fantastic offer is to show your value to the employer during the interview process.  Document your past sales performance, earnings and show them how you will be successful in the new role.  If your new Sales Manageror Vice President of Sales is convinced that you will be a rock star, they will fight to get you the best possible offer.

Once you receive an offer let them know how excited you are to receive it and let them know that you will respond within 24 hours of receiving the written offer.  They want to feel wanted too.  Of course, if you are excited about the offer and opportunity go ahead and accept.  If you get the offer and want to negotiate for a higher base or payout terms make sure you have a logical reason for the higher request.  Viable reasons are: documented higher previous earnings, higher offer from another opportunity and stock options that you will lose out on.  A bad approach is “I want more” without an explanation as to why you are worth it.

While negotiating, remember that these are your future employers and being gracious is the best way to approach the negotiations.  We have seen candidates grind out higher offers but leave a bad taste in their future manager’s mouth.  Worse yet, we have seen employers pull an offer all together.  While negotiating this would be the time to tell them of upcoming vacation plans and any other special needs you may have. Negotiate all of this up front.

Good luck searching for that dream job and we hope you negotiate a competitive offer for yourself.