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Sales Interviewing Etiquette

There is a Zen to interviewing-a natural rhythm and way to achieve your goals.This starts by understanding the mindset of the interviewer. Think about the interviewer’s mindset. The interviewer is always going to be thinking about how you as an individual would represent the organization. This is especially true for sales reps being that they typically are in direct contact with the customer. Keep this in mind: if you don’t represent yourself well in the interview, the interviewer will question your ability to represent yourself in front of the customer. This is where interview etiquette comes into play. If you show up unprepared and dressed sloppily in an interview, the interviewer will assume that you would show up to a client meeting in the same manner? Below are some things to consider regarding interview etiquette.

  • Dress appropriately.
    For Men:

    • Full suit
    • White Dress Shirt
    • No ear rings
    • Shave goatee/ facial hair (especially for medical or pharmaceutical positions).

    For Women:

    • Avoid racy neck lines, extra short skirts
    • Light and natural makeup
    • Pull back long hair
    • Minimum amount of jewelry
    • Light or no fragrances
    • No sleeveless tops
  • Arrive early. This is crucial and relays to the interviewer that you are professional, committed and ultimately dependable. If necessary, visit the interview location a day or so in advance. Don’t simply rely on the fact that your Map Quest directions specify that you will arrive in 45 minutes to your destination. It also is important to not be too early to an interview. 10-15 minutes early is adequate. An interviewer may be feel rushed and obligated to wrap up what they are currently doing if you show up 30 minutes early. Best not to get off to an awkward start.
  • Be prepared. Have all necessary documentation with you, including an update copy of your resume. Bring a few copies of your resume. You never know who else may be at the interview. Make sure to turn off your cell phone before walking in the door.
  • Finally before walking in to the interview location make sure that any lingering bad smells such as coffee breath are taken care of. Do not smoke before an interview.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Unless the interviewer states otherwise, do not mention money, benefits or small details about the company on the 1st interview.
  • Do not speak negatively regarding past employers.
  • Listen: listen carefully to questions that are asked to ensure that you answer properly. Do not appear too rushed or eager to answer a question. You may appear as if you are cutting off the interviewer.
  • Focus on your ability to do the job. Avoid topics that could potentially alienate you from the interviewer such as religion, politics, and recent personal problems.
  • Make eye contact.
  • Follow up. It is best to follow-up immediately with a Thank you Letter or Email.