One of the key skills in sales is the ability to break into an account.  This holds true whether we are talking about prospecting to new accounts or penetrating deeper into existing accounts.  And yet most (yes most) of the sales professionals that I interview aren’t very good at leaving compelling voice messages.

This begs the question as to what constitutes a great voice message and how do you craft one.  Rather than attempt to tackle this topic myself (I’ll stick to the subject of recruiting) , I got permission from Tim Wackel to share the following 2 minute video.  And Who’s Tim? He’s a Sales Trainer that specializes in presentations and messaging.  More impressively, in his past he was the #1 rep at HP out of 10,000.  I’ve personally attended his one of his workshops and like his straight-forward approach.  You can find more a lot more of thoughts on his website.