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Interview Follow Up Email Template

What you should include in a follow up email after an interview depends on your situation. The best approach will depend on the company’s culture and the feedback you received during the interview. Adding to this is the recent dramatic increase in the unemployment rate due to the pandemic. Per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 17.8M unemployed persons in the US in May 2020, which is up from 5.8M in February 2020. This flood of competition means that employers have choices, and job seekers need to sharpen their interviewing skills. To help, we have built 2 interview follow up email templates (a simple and an advanced). Before we get to them, we want to share a few email follow up pitfalls.

Interview Follow Up Email Pitfalls.

  1. Failure to follow up. Surprisingly, the average job-seeker fails to send a follow up email after an interview. Do send a Thank you email after each interview. Don’t leave the hiring manager wondering if you also fail to follow up with customers and prospects.
  2. Poor writing skills. Nothing can ruin your chances faster than a poorly written email. Do use a free online writing tool like grammarly to spell and grammar check your email. Don’t write a Thank you email on your mobile phone. The small screen almost guarantees that you will make a mistake.
  3. Keep it short. A longer email dilutes your message and is difficult to read on a mobile device. According to HubSpot, 35% of business professionals check their email on their mobile devices. We would be surprised if that figure wasn’t higher with B2B sales leaders.

Now let’s get to our interview follow up email examples.

Simple Interview Email Follow Up Example.

A short, sweet “Thank you” email fits situations where the hiring manager expressed their desire to move forward, and you are the clear front runner. They already want you, so the purpose of the email is to demonstrate solid writing skills and follow through. Here’s a template.


Thank you for your time today. Your passion for XYZ’s mission is inspiring. 

[Insert one piece that you learned during the interview that excites you or speaks to how you fit the role here.]  I appreciate your candor that the California territory is underperforming and will require heavy prospecting to exceed sales goals. Nothing gets me going more than a challenge, and I would welcome the opportunity to help you turn it around.

I look forward to continuing the conversation with you to explore the opportunity with XYZ.

All the best,


Advanced Interview Email Follow Up Example.

Use the advanced example below when you want the hiring manager to reconsider you or to help elevate you when there’s stiff competition.

To accomplish this, give them one strong reason why you should be their top candidate. Here are a few ways to help separate yourself.

  1. Share evidence that you’ve had success with the most difficult part of their job. (HINT: Ask the interviewer what this is during the interview.)
  2. Tell a very short story that speaks to your ability to make an impact in a similar role or environment.
  3. Attach documentation of your sales performance.

Once you have chosen your one compelling reason, you’re ready to craft your email. It can look something like this.


Thank you again for your time today. What you shared with me about XYZ’s future growth opportunities cemented my interest in your Major Account position.

During our interview, you shared some of the challenges that I would face in starting a brand new territory for XYZ. In 2018, I took over a new territory for my current employer. Attached are my sales figures for that year, including a copy of my annual review. I finished 2018 at 118% of quota and #3/21 reps for new client acquisition.

I’m confident that I can repeat or exceed that performance at XYZ. 

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding next steps, and please let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

All my best,


When to Send the Interview Follow Up Email

We suggest that you send the email between one to four hours following the interview. Emails that are sent right away can come across as too eager. The hiring manager can also wonder if you take the time to think important decisions through. Why less than four hours? If you wait more than four hours, there’s a strong chance that the hiring manager already made up their mind. 

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