Sales Brag Book

The sad reality is that most sales professionals exaggerate their sales accomplishments on their resume and during the interview process.

If you can verify your sales numbers, a brag book will help you stand out.

With medical or pharmaceutical sales positions brag books are all but required.

When interviewing for sales positions outside of those industries you may be the only candidate bringing one to the interview. Yes, that would be a very good thing. So what goes into brag book?

To begin with, your sales brag book should be put together with the care that you would give to a college paper that’s worth a big portion of your grade.

You will also put together a copies to leave behind with each interviewer that you will be meeting with.

Sales Brag Book Sections

  1. Resume – See an Example Here.
  2. Last three years’ sales figures, ranking reports and awards. In addition, the ytd figures for the current selling year should be included. Quality photos of plaques or awards are entirely acceptable to use. If you are uncomfortable with sharing confidential information (names of other sales reps, for example), cross off that information.
  3. Truly standout accomplishments from prior years. For example, #1 Sales Rep out of hundreds or Rookie of the Year for your company should certainly be included.
  4. E-mails that speak to talents and/or accomplishments that are directly applicable to the position you are interviewing for. For example, winning a new client contest when hunting for new business is a primary task for this role.
  5. Last 3 years’ w-2s (cross off your Social Security #s) and ytd earnings statement. This does not apply for positions in California, Boston, Portland and select other locations where disclosing your income history is legally off limits.

You can also find a more in-depth version of the sales brag book if you are interviewing for a medical or pharmaceutical sales job here.

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