Sales Talent is an award-winning recruiting firm that recruits in all major U.S. and Canadian metros. Our sole focus is placing b2b outside and inside sales reps and sales leaders. Industries that we recruit for include: technology, software, b2b insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, telecom and general b2b. Clients range from dynamic and growing companies with 20+ sales reps all the way up to Blue Chips that rank in the Global 100.

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Are You an Employer Looking to
Hire B2B Sales Professionals?

Our sales recruiters will employ best practices to match each job opening and funnel a large pool of candidates into the exceptional few who truly stand out. Our track record of reducing turnover and producing sales achievements speaks for itself.

employer testimonials

"Regional turnover during this time period was at 19.7% while Sales Talent's candidates were at 6.25% over the same period. " (18 reps placed over 6 years)
-Kevin Andres, Recruitement Manager

"Sales Talent placed my #1 and #2 reps last quarter." (out of 100)
-Dave Berman, Vice President of Corporate Sales
Webex (Forbes Magazine's Fastest Growing Technology Company 2003)

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Are You a Sales Rep Looking for
a B2B Sales Position?

Our sales recruiters will be your advocate in your career search by setting realistic expectations and provide sound advice for interviews. We understand a new sales job position should be forward looking and upward toward your personal career goals.

candidate testimonials

"This letter is to provide strong recommendation for a partnership with Sales Talent to any motivated and talented sales job seeker. Sales Talent will be your biggest ally and supporter, and I can guarantee partnering with them will increase your chances of career success. Thanks again."
-Ryan Hunter, Account Executive
DHL Worldwide Express

"You went above and beyond to make sure I was a candidate for the position. Without a doubt I will refer anyone looking for a position in sales to Sales Talent, I cannot say enough good things about my experience."
-Tiffany Berwind, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

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