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6 Steps to Prepare for a Job Search

Many sales professionals we work with are shockingly underprepared for a job search. They don’t particularly enjoy the experience and spend as little time as possible on the topic. To help ease the process, we compiled a Job Search Survival Guide – 6 Steps to Prepare for a Job Search.  

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

6 Steps to Prepare for a Job Search.

1. Results Driven Resume.

There is an old saying in real estate that only 3 things matter: location, location, location. The analog with a sales resume is results, results, results. Keep your resume short, free of clutter and highlight your hard-won accomplishments – Sample Sales Resume.

Here are a few additional guides to help perfect your resume:

2. Perfect Your Linkedin Profile.

Smart recruiters and employers will look at your Linkedin profile before they decide to interview you. What they see there will be their first impression of you. Will it be a good one?

We unpacked How Social Media Can Cost You a Job (and it’s Not What You Think). If you need some help, read Linkedin Profile Tips to Land Your Dream Sales Job. If you want to take your Linkedin profile to the next level read How to Use Linkedin to Hire, Get Hired or Sell More.

3. Sharpen Your Interview Skills.

We’re not huge fans of slick interview tactics. We are huge fans of preparation, practice and a solid approach.

Here are some interview tips that cover the fundamentals:

For advanced interview tips read:

4. Document Your Sales Results.

As sales professionals, we’re here to sell stuff. The more we can sell, the more value we have in the marketplace. Unfortunately, most sales professionals “exaggerate” their sales abilities and accomplishments. Smart employers stop the BS by requiring proof.

If your accomplishments are legit, compiling a Sales Brag Book will prove to be a huge advantage come interview time. We show you what to do with your brag book in How (and Why) to Use a Brag Book During a Sales Interview.

5. How to Research a Company.

Potential employers love interviewing prepared candidates. This leads to the question, “How do I prepare for a sales interview?”

Smart Questions to Ask at the End of a Sales Interview will show you how to: wrap up an interview like a pro and prepare for that interview. 

6. Finish Strong.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make or break the outcome of an interview. One such detail is a post-interview “Thank you” note. We cover this in Why You Must Send Follow Up Emails After an Interview. Although there are endless other ways to blow your chances, we cover 3 Dumb Ways to Get a Job Offer Rescinded.

Should congratulations be in order and your job search prove fruitful, you will face one more obstacle – the resignation. We show you how to successfully navigate those waters in The Classy Resignation.

Until next year, we wish a Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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